Adrienne Gomes 

Minister of Health & Wellness

Adrienne is a 4th year student and LEAP distance runner whose academic interests include biomedical and health science, exercise physiology, public health and psychology. Her Question, "Why do we move?", aims to consider the role of physical activity and exercise in inducing physiological adaptations that promote health, and how, through these adaptations, physical activity plays a role in healthy living from the elite athletic performance level through to everyday recreation. She is also interested in the psychological motivators and social determinants that modulate participation in physical activity, and how to better empower people through making physical activity more accessible and inclusive. 

Adrienne aims to use these considerations to address not only physical activity, but also mental, emotional, nutritional, sexual and spiritual components of health and wellness. She hopes to promote physical activity and health initiatives on and off campus that will create links with the Sea to Sky community and the Squamish nation. She also hopes to create safe spaces for non gender binary folks to engage in health and wellness, and collaborate with the Lumen room to ensure that students are aware of the services offered by the Lumen room. Finally, she will continue the work done by previous Minister of Health & Wellness in promoting mental health through reducing stigma and holding workshops involving Quest counsellors. Adrienne is excited to work with the other QUSA ministers and gather feedback from students in order to best represent the student body's health and wellness interests.