Katie Hargus 

Minister of Environment

Katie is a nature-enthusiast who can regularly be found barefoot, teaching kids, identifying plants, jumping into cold bodies of water, backpacking up tall things, singing about everyday actions, making bad puns, or running on trails. She is passionate about nature education for kiddos, accessibility to the outdoors, and intersections of ecology and indigenous studies (especially ethnobotany and ethnoecology) among many other things!

As Minister of the Environment, Katie intends to facilitate meaningful, impactful, and ongoing relationships with and between the student body, the Student Environment Committee, the Squamish Nation, and Squamish environmental organizations (Watershed Society, Environment Society, My Sea to Sky, etc). to increase accessibility for, and voice and inclusion of, all students wanting to get involved in the environment. Specifically, this would include sustainability workshops, public forums on environmental issues, volunteer opportunities with kids, ethnobotany tours, etc. Ultimately, she hopes to share herpassions for nature and promoting involvement in order to create a more environmental, sustainable Quest.