A Guide to QUSA's Legislative Documents 

The referendum opens for voting Moday, April 15th, and 8:30am. Voting closes Monday, April 22nd. We will be having our first AGM (Annual General Meeting) on Friday, April 26th, at 4:15pm on the Third Floor Atrium.

What are legislative documents? 

“Legislative Documents” refers to the different parts of QUSA governance that used to be all grouped together in our old Constitution. A group of 5 students reviewed the constitution and sorted it into 4 sections. It is important that we break the constitution a part like this so that it fits legal conventions and is easy to understand. You can read a report by the Constitution Review Group here.

Why are we having this referendum?

Since QUSA incorporated and became a “society” under the BC Societies Act, our official documentation became more important as legally binding documents. Until we adopt these new legislative documents, we are following our old Constitution. According to our old Constitution, any change require a referendum! So, this will be our last referendum to transition to governance under the Societies Act. Instead, the function of a referendum will be replaced in the future by the introduction of a Special Resolution at a General Meeting.

What's happening at the General Meeting?

See the agenda here and the Special Resolution here! See you then!

The 4 pieces: 

*defined by the Societies Act

Bylaws--rules adopted by an organization for the government of its member and the regulation of its affairs.

Policies--a definite course of method o action selected fro among alternatives to guide and determine present and future decisions

Roles & Responsibilites--Descriptions of the expectations of Board Directors and staff members. This is important for holding the Board and staff of QUSA accountable to their duties, and to delegate tasks within their respective purviews. 

Common Prodedure Draft--a particular way of accomplishing something or of acting. This is similar to policy, but tends to address less critical matters so that procedure can be more easily changed when needed. This is an internal document, and can therefore be changed at the discretion of the QUSA board. As such, the current Common Procedure document is a DRAFT subject to further revision.