Maia du Toit

Minister of Arts & Culture

An animal-loving documentary enthusiast, Maia is navigating her third year at Quest without a Question. She comes from Powell River, BC, and chose to attend Quest for the block program and the optimal location. Her academic interests centre around restorative justice techniques as well as the creation of accountable communities. Question suggestions are gratefully accepted and would make both Maia and her mentor very happy!

Maia is a passionate participant and facilitator of arts & culture initiatives at Quest. Her personal artistic passions range from poetry to make-up and beyond. Art events at Quest have allowed Maia to push herself as she tries new mediums of expression, building connections along the way. She can't wait to assist and support others on campus to utilize arts in whatever way helps them heal, express, or inspire. This new and exciting Ministerial position will give space for Maia to accomplish this as well as other exciting work!

A goal of Maia’s as the Minister of Arts & Culture is to expand the magnitude of Quest arts to the Squamish and Sea to Sky communities. Through this work, as well as other projects, Maia hopes to increase opportunity for collaboration, creation, and exposure for artists at Quest!