marissa headshot

Marissa Kingzett

General Manager

Marissa is a fourth year student, an expert event organizer, and an elite spreadsheet creator. She is intensely passionate about making platforms for other people to share their work and voices on, well-coiled xlr cables, effective delegation, and well-buttered toast. Logistics is her jam. Late at night you can find Marissa laying awake excited about organizing all things QUSA and whipping its equipment into shape. While the details of her position as GM are still being flushed out, she is most excited to be able to use her experience to create systems of organization that make tangible differences for student event organizers this year and after she (hopefully) graduates. She is complicated, dedicated, and no nonsense when it matters most.

Described by platonic life partner as “competent to a fault” she once rescued a baby seal and makes bangin cocktails. Her plants are all named and she only does art in inconvenient places at inconvenient times. Originally from Vancouver Island, she is constantly on the move and deeply grateful to be able to learn from cultures around the world or across the street. Her new favourite thing is foamed goat milk that goes perfectly on top of her morning, afternoon, and occasionally evening coffee. She likely cares too much for her own good, but will move mountains, cities, and organs to make things happen if she feels they are important enough.