Megan Morgan

Minister of Human Rights

A proud "Yaadie", Megan hails from Kingston, Jamaica. With the mellow island vibes flowing through her veins, she is always down for a good time. When her nose isn't buried in a YA novel or she isn’t jamming to the latest dancehall and soca hits, she thoroughly enjoys furthering her knowledge in her academic interests. These include, but are not limited to, international relations, climate science, sociology, as well as cultural studies. Megan's question at the moment is "How do our cultures impact our understanding of climate change?", but this is still in the works.
Megan is excited to channel her personal passion for human rights issues into her new ministerial position. She hopes to create more opportunities for inclusive conversations about typically uncomfortable topics such as race/ethnicity, sexuality, gender, religion, etc. at Quest. Additionally, expanding Quest's academic material to include more historically and currently silenced groups would be an amazing achievement. Student safety and representation in the classroom, and generally around campus, are key and she looks forward to collaborating with her fellow ministers, the student body, faculty and staff to try and achieve these goals.