Niall Hart

Foundation Representative

Born in Tatla Lake, BC and raised in Lamay, Perú, Niall loves good music, good food and good hugs. After graduating from high school in Squamish, Niall decided that he would give Quest University a go. He is a third year at Quest and tries to spend whatever time he can in the mountains. Niall’s primary academic interests are in indigenous studies and documentary film, however he also loves learning about geology, ethnobotany and the world around him. Niall’s Question is: Who can tell stories?

In his position as Foundation Representative, Niall is excited to improve the learning experience for students both in and out of the classroom. Inspired by some of his past classes, Niall wants to expand the diversity of reading in classes by focusing on scholars whose voices have been traditionally silenced by academia. With this he would like to see an increase in courses concerning Indigenous Studies, African Studies and other non-Eurocentric studies. Niall is also a strong advocate for the inclusion of place-based ways of knowing within the Quest curriculum. He hopes to work with the Squamish Nation to see how changes can be implemented to Foundation classes such as Cornerstone.

Niall is keen on working to improve the Foundation courses at Quest as these courses are the basis for the Bachelor of Liberal Arts and Science.