QUSA 2019-2020 Executive Team


Nate McCarthy 

President - he/him

If you’re looking for Nate McCarthy, you’re likely to find him at a local bar—sushi or otherwise—or dancing in his bedroom. Moving from Sea(ttle)-to-Sky, he has found a passion for yelling about corporate governance, critical economics, and urban geography. Find out more... 


Rikki Logan

Vice-President - she/her

Rikki Logan is a prairie girl from Saskatchewan who is politically driven, a recreation enthusiast, and strong-minded. Her academic focus revolves around the question, “Who benefits from Canadian government policies?” ... find out more....


Dini Vermaat

Treasurer - she/her

From the Netherlands and Benin, Dini always finds herself in somewhere in between. Moving between Western Europe and West Africa has shaped the multiplicity of her identity. She chose to attend Quest for its alternative approach to education ... find out more...

QUSA 2019-2020 Directors


Nritya Mala Giridhar

Director of Internationalization - she/her

Nritya loves having all kinds of conversations over a hot cup of black tea, ranging from human evolution to chaos theory. She enjoys making and sharing good food ... find out more...


Desire Boni Mulla

Director of Human Rights  - she/her

Desire Boni Mulla is a child nourished and nurtured by the efforts of the phenomenal women from the lands of Buganda Kingdom (Uganda).  She is in her 4th and final year at Quest University... find out more...


Ren Gómez Montoya

Director of Arts & Culture - they/them

Ren is a 3rd year at Quest from Mexico via Costa Rica with the question, “how can love liberate?”. Their focus centers around liberation from systems of oppression. Find out more... 


Oliver Rothenberg

Director of External Affairs - he/him

Oliver Rothenberg is a fourth year from Santa Monica but will probably just say he's from Los Angeles for the sake of simplicity. As your Minister of External Affairs, he is excited to strengthen partnerships for QUSA... find out more...




Niall Hart

Concentration Director - he/him

He was born in a small town in interior BC but grew up in Peru, Niall is a fourth year with the Question “Who can tell stories?” With this he has been studying film (especially documentary) and indigenous studies... find out more...  


Shiva Sundar

Foundation Director - he/him

Shiva was born in India and did his high schooling in the UK. He’s going into his second year at Quest and is excited to be part of the 2019/20 QUSA team. He enjoys many genres of music and is currently into English hip hop artist Loyle Carner. Find out more...


Nich Godri

Director of Environment - he/him

At heart, Nich is a politically driven recreationalist who finds passion in advocating for socially and environmentally resilient communities.  As someone who studies the relationship between... find out more... 


Emily Miller

Director of Health & Wellness - she/her

Emily is a chocolate-loving 4th year student whose academic interests are largely related to human health. Her studies have included biochemistry, chemistry, psychology, neurobiology... find out more... 


Keegan Durovich

Director of Recreation - he/him

Keegan is a 4th year student from Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Keegan has been an Adventure Club leader and a regular participant in both Soccer and Ultimate Frisbee throughout his time at Quest. Find out more... 

QUSA Staff

grace heahshot website

Grace Hovem

Communication Officer - she/her

In addition to working with QUSA this year, Gracie is an RA, The Mark's offical crossword maker, and an avid knitter. Gracie is a Gemini, which means that she is all about communication. This passion manifests through ... Find out more...


Luke Urso

Chairperson - he/him

 A fourth-year whose loved ones sometimes see his interest in trees and forests to be a problem, Luke is best known for his appreciation of all things nature. He can be found throwing pottery, fly fishing, conversing with a tree... find out more... 


picture pending

Sarah Chudleigh

General Manager - she/her

Sarah is spending her fourth and final year at Quest working as QUSA's General Manager. After seven years of conference-planning, she's excited to support other students in executing inclusive, creative, and meaningful projects on campus. Find out more...




Sidney Sponer

Secretary - she/her

Sidney is a fourth-year student examining the relationships between culture and popular literature/film. When she’s not working with QUSA to communicate their public meetings to the student body...  Find out more... 


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