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Candidate bios:


Marion Nouvellon

My name is Marion Nouvellon and I’m a first year student campaigning to be your next Minister of Internationalization. I grew up for most of my life in a rural part of France within a relatively homogenous community where the exposure to the world was limited. Ironically, I developed a strong curiosity for other cultures and viewpoints. Hosting international students from various programs and exchanges made me eager to learn more through their stories. This same curiosity is what later led me to a very international community in the Netherlands. The contrast between home and beyond made me realize the beauty and importance of being exposed to a wide variety of backgrounds. My candidature for the Minister of Internationalisation is motivated by the belief in the benefice of an international education and by my passion for serving communities in which I live. If I am elected I’ll do my best to foster a community where different experiences, knowledges and cultures are equally valued and represented.

My objectives as Minister of Internationalization would be to:

- Create a welcoming environment for international students: I would work in collaboration with Barbara to make sure that international students have the tools and support to adapt to their new environment (e.g. running informative workshops during introduction week and throughout the year, potentially connecting international students with people from their home country living in Squamish…)

- Cultivate genuine spaces of cultural exchange: I would like to organise and encourage cultural events such as cooking workshops, dance workshops, non-english open-mics, language practice gatherings, and international movie screenings where people can share stories, memories, knowledge about their country and culture. Additionally I would like to develop these events in collaboration with the community of Squamish; more particularly with the people who moved to BC as refugees and with the Squamish People.

- Foster international openness and empathy: I would like to focus on bringing more international (non-North American) perspectives and news in discussions. This includes discussions within classrooms by working hand in hand with curiculum representatives; but also discussions outside the classroom by creating events that focus on specific parts of the world.

- Financially support international students: It seems that international students are disproportionately impacted by financial issues which deeply affects their experience at Quest. In alignment with the newly elected executive team’s objectives (Nate, Rikki and Dini) I would like to help creating a fund for international student bursaries.

Gurbani Kaur

My name is Gurbani Kaur.  I am originally from India, but have lived around the world my entire life. Having experienced life from a 3rd culture kid’s perspective for most of my life has made me extremely aware of the potential that diversity has to enhance a community. As Minister of Internationalization, I want to create a more prominent platform for people from different backgrounds because as an international student myself, I feel like there are lots of stories and experiences to be shared and learnt from.

Nritya Giridhar

Why do I want to run?

I am a third-year student from rural India. As you can imagine the transition to Quest has not been easy, but the international community has been a great source of support. Now I think it is time to give back. Quest has given me the opportunity to interact with people from very different backgrounds than my own, challenging my world views and opening my horizon. My exchange program this semester at Amsterdam University College has further enriched my learning experience. I believe that genuine interactions and exchange of perspectives between people is essential for learning. As minister of Internationalization, I would work towards creating a tight knit community of international and domestic students who are open to sharing and learning from one another.

What are my goals?

I want to ensure that present and future classes of international students feel safe, integrated and valued in this community. - I want to work towards constructing a truly tightknit community where our differences are acknowledged and valued and not just tolerated.

How am going to achieve my goals?


I feel conversation is key in gathering a big picture on the concerns, experiences and role of international students in the bigger community. I propose to accomplish this through holding small discussion groups where international students can have a safe space to express their experiences and concerns. I’d then hold bigger discussion groups where the wider Quest community can discuss how to build a healthy reciprocal relationship between international and non-international students. Ideas could include increasing international student participation in outdoor activities through adventure club, increasing access to the lumen room, etc.


I want to take some concrete steps towards bettering the experience of international students and building a healthy relationship between all students and the wider community.

- Educating new international students about the cultural context and the history of the land they plan to call home.

- Host events along with Barbara to ensure students better adjust to Quest and the wider Squamish community. Examples include providing information about the job market in Squamish and the requirements (e.g. Food safety training).

- Creating a comprehensive document that contains all the necessary logistical information such as how the medical system works.

- Putting together a document with different scholarships available for international students.

- Working towards creating an inclusive learning environment in the classroom setting.

- Creating spaces that provide opportunity for interaction between international and local students. Such as potlucks, sports etc.

- Making transportation more accessible by advocating for more shuttles. International students suffer the most from the inefficient transport system in Squamish.


I believe there is value in sharing stories perspectives and values through art and culture. I want to have open mics, art shows, movie screenings, traditional games tournament and food tastings where we get to celebrate our culture and share it with our loved ones. Such events could be both educational and fun for all students to attend.


Nicholas Godri

Born with democracy shimmering in my eye, I, Nicholas Godri, live and breathe advocacy. Well, at least that is what I tell myself. I do, however, engage in the democratic process from time to time. Such engagements include keeping up with the news, voting in all levels of government, attending local council meetings. Additionally, I helped organize The Future of Howe Sound Society Forum. This is a forum that brings together indigenous leaders, district council representatives, and industry experts who share common interest in the environmental resilience of the Howe Sound.

Coming from Cochrane, Alberta, a traditionally conservative town, has provided me the opportunity to engage with a broad range of political perspectives. Similarly, as a former Floor Representative I have undergone anti-oppression and conflict mediation training. As such, I have gained experience and found great value in listening to and understanding both sides of a conflict.

My deep passion for sharing the outdoors with others has guided my academic interests towards the environmental and social impacts of local politics. I think Quest, with its unique student body, is in a great position to think and act critically about its interactions with the local ecology. Through a strengthened relationship with the nature that surrounds us, I hope to enable the passions of students with regards to climate action and environmental stewardship.

Zoey Smith -- No Longer Running

Arts & Culture

Renata Gomez

Ren is a 3rd year at Quest from Mexico via Costa Rica with the question, “how can love liberate?”. Their focus centers around liberation from systems of oppression. They have experienced art as freeing and wish to extend that to the rest of their community.

Ren has organized art workshops for kids, teens, and adults. They hope to support and work alongside creatives wanting to share engaging initiatives with Questies and our neighboring communities.

Their wish is that we all engage a little bit more with art practices!

If elected Minister of Arts and Culture, the vision they’ll work towards is expanding the parameters of what it means to be an artist and what we recognize as art. Picture a space where the creation of all art forms is welcomed at once - with some people jamming, others collaborating on doodles, while peeps also write and dance to the music. Picture artists teaching each other their favorite moves, tips, and tricks. Picture a gathering of people with little to no experience, immersing themselves in something they always wanted to try. We can all be dilettantes. Expression through art can shift the way we understand ourselves and how we relate to the world. Let’s reach for that as a community.

He-Ping Lu

Hi! My name is He-Ping (huh-ping) Lu and I am a 2nd year student interested in food, organic farming, and entrepreneurship. I am running for Minister of Arts and Culture for the coming year because art and culture are essential parts of my life. My campaign focuses on three pillars: Diversity, Creativity, and Inclusivity.

I have always valued people with different background and experience and want this to reflect in my campaign. Coming from a different culture and connecting with people of a variety of backgrounds, I realized that all of us have our own unique and meaningful ways to express ourselves. I hope to create space for various different modes of art and culture including food, music, sculpture, poems, sports, painting, photography, weaving, etc.

I am also interested in advocating for what the student body cares about. I would like to create a comfortable and welcoming environment for everyone no matter if you are an extravert or introvert. To achieve this goal, I will aid the exec in participatory governance strategies (on-line surveys or in person) to hear your voice and thoughts: How do you want to present your art? Which mediums would you like to engage with? What do you think is a helpful way to do so? How can we make art spaces on campus inclusive for people of disparate cultural backgrounds? You are all a part of this community and I want your voice matters.

A bit about me beyond the campaign:

I love food and nature, which I believe have the power of healing ourselves.

My name He-Ping 和平 means peace in Mandarin.

I hope to have my own organic farming and Plant-Based restaurant one day.

Feel free to come speak to me if you have any questions about my campaign!

Health & Wellness

Emily Miller

My name is Emily Miller. I am currently a third-year student and am running to be your next Minister of Health & Wellness. My Quest studies revolve around health, specifically mental health and its correlation to our overall well-being. Through my years at Quest I have undergone many unfortunate experiences that I feel have allowed me to be extremely empathic towards people’s state of health and wellness. In my first year at Quest, I tore my ACL and underwent 3 surgeries after my knee joint got infected, I have been hospitalized for mental illness and this past fall, I was in a near-fatal car accident that resulted in a fracture at the base of my skull and a severe concussion. My reason for sharing this is to both be transparent and to demonstrate that, although I’m fully aware that I’m not cognisant of every experience, I am not ignorant to what it’s like for those that are struggling with either their mental or physical health. For these personal reasons, along with my general interests, I am passionate about helping people reach their goals around their health and well-being—whether that be physical, mental, emotional or social. My ultimate aspiration is to attend medical school.

I’m motivated to be your Minister of Health and Wellness for the 2019-2020 academic year for various reasons, most of which are directly related to my passion for helping people and for health in general. I am an ex varsity athlete (I played for the women’s soccer team before the varsity program was cancelled) and I have recently passed my exam to be a Certified Personal Trainer. Next school year I am keen to revive women’s hours and offer both beginner and intermediate level workout classes. Additionally, I feel strongly about creating more spaces that promote positive mental health, such as organizing more “puppies in the peaks” and connecting people with the resources they need. Finally, I fully acknowledge that what I view as health is not the same for everyone and am I eager to advocate and support everyone and anyone moving towards their own health and well-being goals.

Grace Uwase

I am Grace Uwase from Rwanda, a full time third year student at Quest University. My focus of academics is in energy technologies/applied Physics. Coming from a large family shaped me into a responsible person and a person who fights for the good of others. It is at the core of my beliefs to value my ability to positively contribute to my community. Since my childhood, I have been always engaged in my schools, where any kind of leadership role mattered. These ranged from being a class monitor to being a representative of Mastercard scholars at my university. I spend most of my free time reading and listening about health topics especially nutrition and mental health. You can also find me swimming at Brennan park most of my weekends. I am currently running for the minister of Health and Wellness position for three main reasons. First, I would like to see more collaboration between the quest community and the rest of squamish in terms of accessibility of health services. Second, I would like to have the voices of people living with mental health problems heard both in the academic and social realms. Last but not least, our health is crucial to us, so I would like to see more engagement and support in the physical activities. More specifically, create a platform that helps those struggling to create a healthy relationship with food. I am a qualified candidate for this position because of my past experiences and my determination in the work I am entrusted with.

Sebastian Hubbard

Hello, it’s Sebastian here and I am running for Minister of Health  and Wellness. This is a position that I am passionate about and believe I could help improve here on campus. I have lots experience studying and working with Health and Wellness on campus, and I would love the opportunity to use my knowledge and experience to serve the Quest community.

I have spent the last 3 years working with JF as a personal trainer and have gained valuable expertise about the inner workings of Quest administration surrounding Health and Wellness. Over this time span, I have also been a member of Quests rugby team and a Local men’s rugby team, a sport that I am passionate about and love playing. A sport that requires teamwork, hard work and perseverance, traits I will apply tirelessly to the QUSA if voted in.

If I am voted I would work towards the establishment of a Health and Wellness budget, one that has unfortunately been absent this past year. Additionally, I would like to listen to what students want from the caf and then work with Darren and Dana to serve the best food possible. Going forward, I will strive to increase the accessibility and availability of health and wellness information and service to students that are interested.  While working with the minister of Recreation to promote exercise and sports campus wide.


Keegan Durovich

My name is Keegan, I am currently a third-year student, an Adventure Club (AC) leader and treasurer, organizer of Ultimate Frisbee Intramurals, and avid intramural goer. I am running to be your Minister of Recreation for the 2019-20 school year because I strongly believe I can aid in increasing a sense of community within the student body through recreation, as well as ensure that the current Minister of Recreation’s work is continued.

​I believe that I would be a strong candidate for the Minister of Recreation due to my experience. For example, as an Adventure Club (AC) leader and treasurer, I have worked hand in hand with QUSA and the current Minister of Recreation on attaining insurance for the AC, organizing events/trips, submitting funding proposals, attending QUSA meetings, and writing the AC’s constitution. Through this work, I have continuously been advocating for making recreation, such as Adventure Club trips and events, more accessible (both physically and financially).

Because North & South villages will be gone next year, I believe that recreation is needed now more than ever due to the smaller rooms and less communal spaces in the Peaks which will likely lead to students feeling cooped up. I am a firm believer that recreation is not only an excellent way to exercise but that it is also an excellent way to build friendships and a stronger sense of community. Additionally, intramurals act as stabilizing force on campus that you can count, as the schedule is consistent every week. Next year I hope to help organize the “Quest Cup”, which would be a series of organized activities (beyond just “sports”, including orienteering, improv, etc.) that teams can compete in year round.

​I hope to serve as your Minister of Recreation to continue creating a strong community, advocate for accessibility, and to work diligently to provide Quest students the recreation opportunities they deserve.

Human Rights

Desire Mulla

My names are Desire Boni Mulla. I am a 3rd year student and will be serving my 4th year while on QUSA. I am campaigning on the platform of Advocacy, Inclusion and Collaboration. I am running for the position of Human Rights Minister. Advocacy for the invisibilized but yet hyper visible bodies on school campus. I believe that Advocacy would go hand in hand with Inclusion in both Student run and Institutional opportunities. In terms of collaboration, I will mainly focus on internal ministerial collaboration to create opportunities for the student body. My academic interests are in Afro-futurism, Pan-Africanism, Ethics/politics/race and gender plus Post-colonial studies. My non-academic interests are music, food-related activities and hanging out with friends and family.

External Affairs

Oliver Rothenberg

My name is Oliver and I’m a third-year student from Los Angeles, California. My academic focus centers around critical theory, technology, and surveillance, but most of my practical experience is communications related. Over the past three years, I have taken on a variety of extracurricular roles on campus including: Satire Editor and Director of Communications for The Mark, QUSA Liaison for Dancing Bear, Communications Lead for TEDxQuestU, and floor-rep. In all of these roles I have worked to connect students with on-campus opportunities and facilitate the improvement of student experience. As I run for Minister of External Affairs I hope to do same, but intend to look beyond our community to fill some of the existing gaps in our institution.

       Thus far outside of Quest, I have worked on large-scale research and communications projects for both U.S. Senator Kamala Harris and Disney-ABC Television Group. This experience makes me well prepared to handle communications with large external organizations and aid the newly elected executives in their push towards participatory governance strategies.

       I am running a campaign based on three pillars — Partnership, Voice, and Access — and I am prepared to ensure that these are more than just buzzwords. I am committed to creating new partnerships throughout the Sea-to-Sky and Lower Mainland Regions, advocating for student voices in all on or off-campus affairs, and prioritizing access to opportunities for underrepresented people on campus. I believe that increasing access to external organizations will beget a great deal of opportunity for everyone on campus and I feel that my skill set would make me invaluable in this process. I would be honored to be your Minister of External Affairs this coming year.

       If you have any questions or concerns that you would like to bring to my attention I encourage you to either come talk to me or email me at

Katie Hargus -- No longer running


Niall Hart (M)

He was born in a small town in interior BC but grew up in Peru, Niall is a third year with the Question 'Who can tell stories?'. With this he has been studying film (especially documentary) and indigenous studies. On a personal note, Niall loves cats and – like cats – lying in the sunshine. He served on this year's QUSA as Foundation Representative and is excited to run for the position again.


Shiva Sundar

19 years old. I am from India but did my high school in the UK. At the age of 14 I had the opportunity to study in a different country and look at the world in different perspectives. Interacting with people from different backgrounds at a young age has made me who I am and I continue to interact with many people because you never know what a good conversation can do! I also would say I am a good problem solver and this led me to being one of the younger students in my high school’s student council.

In my free time I like reading science fiction books, playing football (soccer) and listening to rock and alternative music.