Aditi Singhal

Academic Director

Aditi would describe herself as a smorgasbord of skills and interests. From Fine and Performing Arts (like dance, music, theatre, cooking, painting) to the pure academic fields like psychology, mathematics, geography, politics (which are behind the Art fields) you can talk to her about literally anything and everything. She is a sucker for stories, so she is very willing to listen and share multifarious stories. She strongly believes in community living and engagement thus you will often come across her face in multiple platforms on campus.
Though a city girl (Mumbai, India), she received alternate schooling most of her life. The influence of both- the fast-paced city life and creative thinking from alternate education- equips her with time management and creative skills which she feels are equally important in fulfilling the role as an Academic Director. She is super excited to be a part of QUSA 2020/21 and hopes that her persona helps foster the Learning Outcomes of the Quest community.
Aditi uses she/her pronouns.