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Alyzea Merchant

Communications Officer

Alyzea Merchant(she/her) is a third-year student from India, pursuing the question “What is the nature of our memories?”.She is interested in examining Alzheimer’s disease, Dyslexia as well as other memory disorders from a Neuroscience and Cognitive Psychology perspective. Alyzea is also an advocate for stigma-free, accessible mental health care and loves History.

As a communications officer, she aims to create awareness about how QUSA aims to support students and also bridge the gap between students and the university. Outside QUSA, Alyzea is a Resident Assistant and works part-time at reception, she loves binge-watching movies and hiking. If you see her on campus feel free to stop by and say hello. She is also available through Instagram(alyzea17)and email for any general and QUSA related inquires.