2020-21 Fall QUSA Election Campaigns


Sam Hollon (Academic Director) 

Carl Natiuk (Treasurer)

Katie Perkins (Director of Social & Environmental Justice)


Sam Hollon
Academic Director Candidate 


Hi Questies,

My name is Sam Hollon, and I’m running for Academic Director of Quest University Students’ Association. 

Who I Am

I’m a third-year student from Austin, TX. At Quest, I study evolutionary and adaptive processes in social systems. In my spare time, I play tennis, watch and perform improv theater, design tabletop and board games, and have long conversations with friends. 

Why I’m Running

I’m running for Academic Director because I want to do everything I can to help our university’s community and academic program survive the unprecedented challenges we now face and flourish for years to come.

I’m also running because I think I’d make a good Academic Director for this particular moment. Before I came to Quest, I attended a series of small alternative schools, several of which have similar visions to Quest—in particular, programs that empower students to direct their own learning, work creatively on challenging projects, and work closely with tutors who love and excel at teaching. Being small and alternative, those schools also share some of Quest’s perennial challenges, like offering a rich academic experience with limited resources and maintaining a vibrant community in the face of unforeseeable change.

At both the high schools I attended, I worked directly with teachers and administrators to develop new courses and academic offerings. And at the high school I graduated from, I conferred student perspectives on program changes during a time of financial, administrative, and community crisis.

If elected Academic Director, I would apply that experience and passion to preserving and improving the Quest program during this critical time.

How I’d Operate as Academic Director

The central responsibilities of an Academic Director are to represent and advocate for students’ interests to support their academic success and improve the Quest program. In pursuing that mission, I would focus my efforts on three areas:

  •  Facilitating excellent remote learning experiences. Quest’s in-person academic experience is world-class, and while most of us are eager to return to campus, there’s every reason to believe our university can excel at remote courses too. As Academic Director, I would prioritize gathering student feedback on class experiences and work closely with the Chief Academic Officer, the Curriculum Committee, and the faculty to make remote learning as effective and enjoyable as it can be.


  •  Supporting fourth years nearing graduation. Because Quest may not reopen in Spring 2021 and because there may be program changes if Quest reopens in partnership with another academic institution, many fourth-year students want or need to graduate sooner than planned. As Academic Director, I would work with the Chief Academic Officer and the Curriculum Committee to continue implementing measures to support accelerated graduations. In particular, I would work with the Committee to investigate the feasibility of a Quest-directed teach-out option at Prescott College and/or adjusting requirements for transferring upper-division courses to Quest.


  •  Advocating for individual students’ academic success. Finally, I would maintain availability throughout my term in office to help individual students succeed academically. This means acting as a reliable, enthusiastic advocate in resolving questions and concerns regarding classes, course availability, graduation requirements, and other aspects of the academic program.


I’d be happy to answer any questions you have at samuel.hollon@questu.ca. 

Looking forward to seeing you around our virtual campus this fall,




Carl Natiuk

Treasurer Candidate

QUSA Campaign#2 poster 001-1

Carl is a 23 year-old third-year student who served as treasurer for two years on his high school student council, and narrowly lost the QUSA election that took place last spring. He enjoys working with spreadsheets, and values keeping his work organized and accessible for things both behind the scenes and out in the open. He takes a practical approach to life, and values proper procedure and form. He recognizes that communication is key to moving forward, and, if elected, welcomes you to reach out and connect with any curiosities or concerns you might have about QUSA. He enjoys good discussion, cooking, gardening, engineering and mechanics, and problem solving.


Katie Perkins

Director of Social &


Justice Candidate  


go green or go home-1

Hi all!

For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Katie Perkins and I’m a third year at Quest who is studying the relationship between social and environmental sustainability and technological innovation. I am running for Director of Social and Environmental Justice for the 20/21 school year. I believe that if we can make the spaces we exist within more equitable, just, and kind then we can be better equipped as individuals to take care of each other and the earth. I am super excited about the prospect of being able to collaborate with you to make some awesome things happen on campus, virtually, or in your own communities.

As you know, the world is literally on fire. We’ve been in the midst of a pandemic for 6 months now. And those who are fighting for systematic change because of the racialized violence and discrimination that BIPOC have been experiencing for centuries, are being met with tear gas and rubber bullets. I recognize that I’m privileged to be able to make these statements and yet not feel as though my life is threatened by climate change, COVID-19, or systems of oppression. I empathize deeply with those who are affected by these issues and want to help in the capacities that make sense for me to do so. I see myself as someone who can work to increase accessibility to the tools, funding, and support necessary to inspire change on the issues that directly affect you and the communities you live in. I hope to work with the Presence Club, as a non-member, to ensure that BIPOC have a safe space to exist in, as well as an official Quest communication outlet for raising awareness surrounding the events they run. I also hope to collaborate with the Student Environmental Committee to publish resources that enable students to affordably choose to lead a more sustainably way of life. If I am elected to be the Director of Social and Environmental Justice, I hope to be an advocate for your ideas and amplify your voice!

Please email at ​katherine.perkins@questu.ca​ or send me a message on Facebook if you have ideas, questions, or frustrations.

Wishing you a happy, crafty, curiosity-filled third week!