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Club Ratification

Ratification is a way of saying officially recognized by QUSA. It is easy to do, and there are lots of perks--including being eligible for QUSA funding. Get the process started here.



Ratified clubs & Groups

Your ultimate guide to every ratified club and group on campus. Find out what you can be a part of. Also, see our archive here of lecagy forms from past clubs that currently lack leadership--maybe you will bring them back to life?   


Create a Legacy

Legacy forms help create archives of projects and event that take place on campus. Fill one out for your event, initiative, or club! This lets future students pick up where you left off, provide oppertunity to learn from others' successes and mistakes.

Ratified clubs should fill out a club legacy form at the end of every year, with a change in leadership, or in the case of disbandment. 

Legacy forms for events should be submitted for every event that received $300+ of funding, or had attendence of 100+ people.

build a legacy


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