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These are the clubs that have been ratified by QUSA for the 2019-2020 academic year.

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Please note: by showcasing a club on this page, we are not guarenteeing QUSA funding. This will always be up the a decison by the QUSA Board, which changes every year. Still, clubs can receive other benefits through ratification.


Bee Club

This club is being revived from a pervious organized group. Bee Club has been and will continue to be curated in a way that the information that is being portrayed will be accessible to all. It will be an engaging club that will be split up in two ways. First, through lectures covering honey bee anatomy, impacts on honeybees, honeybee & hive maintenance, etc . Our goal is to make sure people are engaged and happy to be taking time out of their day to learn about bees.
Secondly, we also hope make fun crafts from the collected by-products of Quest's hive.

Club leader(s): Brook Bauer, Sophie Goslinga

Bicycle Cooperative

The Quest Bike Co-op make sure the people of Quest have bikes to ride.
Come by to borrow one of our bikes (for free!) or get help fixing your own. Anyone is welcome to volunteer! Get in touch by checking out our Facebook page.

Club leader(s): Isaac Roter

Body Justice Club

Body Justice Club is a long-standing group at Quest that facilitates discussion of bodies and body-related justice for its members. The group meets once a week for an hour to talk about anything from fat phobia, to activism, to accessibility on Quest's campus. The purpose of the group is to provide a safe and welcoming space for members to speak candidly about these issues and to educate. Throughout the year, the group will facilitate workshops and activities around self-care and body justice dialogue, including a gala or art show that serves to open up the club’s discussions to the wider Quest community.

Club leader(s): Amanda Woods, Kelani Shuster

Enactus QUC

Enactus is a community of entrepreneurial leaders and educators who see business as a way to address social issues. At Enactus Quest, we are seeing challenges and problems as opportunities to make positive and innovative changes and help people in need. Teams comprised of students from all faculties across the country use entrepreneurship to generate impact by creating community projects and social enterprises.

Our vision is to empower the social entrepreneur community and help people in need. Our mission is to make positive changes and create momentum on social, environmental, and economic sustainability. If you would like to get involved or have any questions or project ideas, feel free to email Enactus Quest.

Club leader(s): He-Ping Lu

The Mark

The Mark is the student-formed and operated newspaper on the campus of Quest University Canada. The Mark acts as the only formal student media organization on campus – an essential element to a democratic and diverse community. We aim to cast a critical and objective lens on all facets of Quest life, from underground tattooing to administrative policies around hiring faculty. We are an autonomous entity, which allows us to provide balanced, unfettered coverage of events and incidents every month. We serve to stimulate and facilitate dialogue on contentious issues within the community, and we also act as a training facility for those who might be interested in working in media in the future. We are also working towards gathering every issue of every student media publication that has come before us in order to act as an archive for future generations to understand the very beginnings of a media culture at Quest.

Club leader(s): Katriona McColl, Chloe Lee Rowlands


Momenta, Quest's only academic journal, builds on extracurricular academics and showcases student excellency. An interdisciplinary and student-run publication, Quest students may submit top academic work from any field. All pieces undergo a thorough peer-review process, similar to other academic journals, before publication.

Club leader(s): Sarah Chudleigh

Nature Club

Nature Club facilitates an outdoor school program for K-5 kids at Valleycliffe Elementary, a local Squamish school. Our primary goal is to support young kids getting outside and learning about their environments in fun, engaging, and hands-on ways. We strive to nurture curiosity, creativity, respect, and appreciation for the natural world through monthly sessions that explore topics such as the water cycle, plant-pollinator interactions, predator-prey relationships, animal and plant identification, the rock cycle, climate change, Squamish Nation ethnobotany, etc. Through a variety of nature-based activities, crafts, and games, we aim to inspire the students we teach to be passionate, caring, inquisitive young leaders - grounded in the land that shapes them.

Club leader(s): Katie Hargus

Quest Album Project

Quest’s longest running musical recording project! We bring student musicians together to write, record, and mix a Studio Album in a year. Whether you are a songwriter, producer, singer, rapper, instrumentalist, or classical pianist there’s a place for you here! We also collaborate visual artists to create album art! Past projects can be found here:

Club leader(s): Spencer Shaw

Quest Christian Fellowship

Quest Christian Fellowship aims to be an on-campus support for Quest Christian believers. QCF wants to create a safe, accepting, and open family of Christians and those interested in Christianity, within the Quest campus. To achieve such goal QCF: Encourages its members to daily cultivate their personal relationship with God through prayer and inner dialogue; equip members to deepen their knowledge of God and His son Jesus Christ by providing Bible studies regularly, & encourages its members making the name of the Lord known on campus and elsewhere through active evangelism.

Club leader(s): Sebastian Hubbard, Irene Fabris, Miguel Chiau

Quest Investment Club

The Quest Investment Club meets briefly every week to discuss the latest happenings in markets. We also go in-depth on individual companies, reading balance sheets, looking at earnings, and making the case to buy or sell. Our virtual portfolios let us compete against each other for prizes, and are a great way to learn about investing for any experience level. Stocks, bonds, alternatives, and more. Come invest with us!

Club leader(s): Eli Kurtz

Quest M.U.N.

Quest UN will be a Model United Nations, where an educational simulation and/or academic activity in which students can learn about diplomacy, international relations, and the United Nations. It will teach members of the group about public speaking, debating, and writing skills, in addition to critical thinking, teamwork, and leadership abilities. It is meant to engage students and allow them to develop a deeper understanding of current world issues.

Club leader(s): Luisa Figueiredo, Gurbani Kaur, Giulietta (Rio) Kohan

Quest Tabletop Society

The Quest Tabletop Society serves to highlight the fun that is to be had in games that are played face-to-face with tangible components: board games, card games, and some role-playing games all fit this bill. Whether it be classics such as Risk and Monopoly, or newer games such as Settlers of Catan and Dungeons & Dragons, the Quest Tabletop Society has the game for you! No experience is needed to play games, only your wits and enthusiasm! All players are welcome, and shouldn't hesitate to email the president with any pertinent questions.

Club leader(s): Angus Robertson

Quick! Improv

A club dedicated to theatre sports and improvisational dramatic arts on campus. Meetings occur weekly and vary from workshops, to scene work, to simply a space to place theatre games.

Club leader(s): Jacob Richardson

Student Environmental Committee

The Student Environmental Committee (SEC) is a space where students can come together to create avenues for the Quest community to engage with like-minded students, faculty, staff, and the greater Squamish communities on matters concerning environmental sustainability. Stay in the loop by joining our Facebook page.

Club leader(s): Zoe Blue, Elina Smith, Katie Hargus

Biomedical Journal Club

The Biomedical Journal Club discusses the latest “Biomedical” research that is published in various scientific journals. We provide a space of discussion and engagement for those who are interested in health sciences and wanting to practice the “art” of critical analysis. Over time, we hope to create a community of both students and tutors that feel encouraged to share their love of and fascination towards science.

Club leader(s): Paige Allard

Cult Films Club

The purpose of Cult Films Club is to provide educational opportunities outside of the classroom for those interested in classic, international, controversial or out of the norm films.

Club leader(s): Maria Chaparro, Giulietta (Rio) Kohan

Early Bird Social Club

A club for people who wish to have a social life while still going to bed before 10, and who prefer a relatively conversational and sober form of society. We organize social events between 12PM and 9PM, as an alternative to ones that start after our preferred bedtimes.

Club leader(s): Seth Elza, Carl Natiuk

Indigenous Students Group

The Indigenous Students Group's goal is to build a community where Indigenous students can interact with one another and discuss experiences of Indigeneity.

Club leader(s): Alexis Moerman

Gender and Sexuality Alliance

The Quest GSA aims to provide a safe space for queer students to gather and build community.

Club leader(s): Alexis Moerman, Matilda Guille

Let's Talk Science

Let’s Talk Science (LTS) is a club where Quest Students assist in educating students within the elementary, middle and high schools in the Squamish school district. LTS is an outreach program that aims to connect young students with volunteers to teach hands on lessons on science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). LTS provides students with the opportunity to interact with the community, explore their STEM interests and practice science communication skills.

Students at Quest University can get involved by joining our Facebook page, stopping by at our booth at the Quest Club Fair in September or contacting the Let's Talk Science Coordinator, Emery Urquhart ( or on Facebook)

Club leader(s): Emery Urquhart

Masculinities Circle

The masculinities circle is a structured space for people to talk about– and witness others talk about– the impasses they live with. Through a sequence of facilitated sharing, we situate ourselves, check in, check in with our relationships to those present, and state our needs. The final step of the circle is to make space for those who are the most in need.

A recurring theme last year is that masc people and men don't find themselves with access to homosocial, touchy-feely spaces to talk about trauma, isolation, loss, and uncertainty.

Club leader(s): Liam Kelly, Dakotah Daily


Oh-Salon is a free haircutting service for Quest community members! Haircutting sessions happen once every 1-2 blocks--keep an ear out for info about the next event. Get in touch with Grace Hovem if you want to volunteer!

Club leader(s): Grace Hovem, Nritya Mala-Girdhar, Nate McCarthy

Presence CLub

The word Presence means ''the state or fact of existing, occurring or being present in a place or thing''. With this in mind, The Club Presence was created a specific place that is all about the presence of Indigenous, Latinx, Asian and African + students in the Quest Community. Our objectives are:
1. To welcome into our community students reflecting multiple regional and economic levels, as well as national/international population levels.
2. To create an academic, cultural, political, and social exchange with the
multiracial community at Quest University.
3. To encourage and aid all students that identify themselves as a person of colour in achieving the highest level of academic performance.
4. To use our knowledge and facilities to identify problems confronting
multiracial people and find a solution.
5. To guarantee a permanent and ever-growing role in the Quest University community for students of different ethnicities and races.

Club leader(s): Luisa Figueiredo, Haby Ka, Surabhee Arjunwadkar

Quest Fibre Arts Club

The Quest Fibre Arts club aims to inspire and help students in their Fibre Arts endeavors! We believe though programming and providing resources we have help foster a close-knit community. Get involved by going our Facebook group, following us/messaging us on Instagram, or talking to Gracie. READ MORE + CALENDAR.

Club leader(s): Grace Hovem

Quest Gaming Club

Want to show off your Smash Ultimate or Mario Kart skills? Want to enjoy Overwatch or League of Legends with your fellow quest peers? Want to share gaming memes for fun or share your fascination with gaming designs/stories? Quest Gaming Club is a place exactly for you! Quest Gaming Club is designed to be the place for Quest students to share their passion for video games in any shape or form. We organize events such as gaming tournaments, social gaming night and walkthroughs! Besides physical events, we also have a discord server where you can join gaming with others and be present in digital space. We welcome all people who have an interest in gaming in any shape or form. Please don't hesitate to message the president if you got any question.

Club leader(s): Kirill Volodko

Quest Philosphy Club

Quest's Philosophy Club hosts discussions and symposia related to the history of philosophy and contemporary thought! There is also space for novel discussions and free-flowing debates. Symposia are held every third Saturday of every block, informal discussions are held every Sunday morning (except for block breaks)!

Club leader(s): Jesse Genereux, Zachary DeWitt

Quest Writers' Society

Quest Writers' Society has weekly workshops where participants can write poetry or prose. All levels of experience are welcome. Writers can choose to write off a prompt of free write. After we write for a designated period of time, writers can have the option to share or not share their work. Workshops will usually be every Thursday, except on block breaks, from 6-7pm. To get involved and learn about weekly workshop locations, join the "Quest Writers' Society" Facebook page. In addition, free tea will be available for each participant during the workshops.

Club leader(s): Isaac Roter, Harisson Wiltse, Niall Hart

Social Dance Club

The social dance club hosts dancing events including latin, blues/fusion, and possibly other types of partner dances. Keep in the loop by checking out the Dance at Quest Facebook group!

Club leader(s): Herman Mak

WERD Magazine

WERD Magazine is Quest's art and culture magazine. We release one issue per semester that's based around theme chosen in the first two weeks of the semester. Previous themes include: Tender, Vivid, and Play. If you'd like to submit a piece of art, keep an eye out for submission deadlines! If you'd like to join the team of layout editors, keep an eye out for when we post about the meeting date. For more information reach out to or

Club leader(s): Yin Xzi Ho, Chloe Lee Rowlands, Emma Hirsch

Veganism: Cooking, Eating and Living

Veganism: Cooking, Eating and Living is a club that focuses on cooking practices and technics of veganism. Everyone is welcome ( even if you are not vegan :)) to share respectful opinions, meals, and snacks in groups. The days of the meetings, as well as, and recipes; will be previously announced in a facebook group. So members who are interested in participation, only have to put their name in an attendance list, so we know what proportions we should get of ingredients. To be part of our club there are NO fees, yet donations are more than welcome!
Hope to see you there,
Vegan crew

Club leader(s): Giulietta (Rio) Kohan, Sara Tobias, Solana (Sol) Zobrist









3200 University Boulevard

Squamish, BC V8B 0N8, Canada

We are happy to hear from you. Get in touch with our Officer or email us. You can also send us a letter at our location.

3200 University Boulevard

Squamish, BC V8B 0N8, Canada

We are happy to hear from you. Get in touch with our Officer or email us. You can also send us a letter at our location.

3200 University Boulevard

Squamish, BC V8B 0N8, Canada

We are happy to hear from you. Get in touch with our Officer or email us. You can also send us a letter at our location.

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