QUSA Counselling Subsidy

Welcome to the QUSA Counselling Application.


QUSA respects the privacy of its constituents. Please know that any information shared in the application is strictly confidential and will not be shared with any third party.  


With the transition to online learning amid the COVID-19 pandemic and QUSA recognizes that there is an increased need for mental health support for students. While Quest does offer free online counselling (more information can be found here), we wanted to provide a subsidy for students to seek counselling services that Quest is not able to provide.  
We will be offering $100/applicant for the remainder of the semester to relieve some of the financial strain of accessing the appropriate services. This subsidy will be offered on a first come first serve basis - while funds last. Funds will be sent via INTERAC E-transfer, if you are unable to use this service please add a preferred payment method to the comments section.  Applicants can apply once every two weeks, by submitting this application to QUSA@questu.ca 

Applicants must include some form of proof of payment or use of service confirming they are using the subsidy for the appropriate service when submitting this application.  




Further Info

If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions for this service or other services QUSA could provide to help you or other students during this time, please don’t hesitate to voice them in your application email.