Hey admin, want your campaigns to be fun and cool? First tip: if the name of your campaign involves the words "Destination" and "Quest", call it QuestinationPuns are so hip these days.  Second tip: Ferris wheel, eternally fun, eternally cool.

Despite the everlasting discomfort that comes from reading emails from the executive at Quest specifically related to connecting with the young'ns (see: Alaaf), this attempt to reach out is one we must all make an effort to receive. Destination Quest is more than a missed pun opportunity, it has the potential to be the largest concentration of student voices that Quest executive has ever heard.

Gone are the days of side comments about the lack of a pub on campus. Pleading for a student union building to no one in particular is an endeavour to be abandoned. Lamenting to yourself in the shower about the scarcity of business courses will be no longer. For this Wednesday, December 6th, 2017, somebody who has any power to do anything will finally be listening. Take those side comments, shower laments, and fruitless pleas that you have all been rehearsing for so long and put them on full display for the executive to see, hear, smell, and taste.

As a student, it is part of your responsibility to voice your concerns at Destination Quest, which is a forum created especially for you. If you’ve ever complained to your roommate about your transfer credits, struggled to find a course related to your question, or wished we had a swimming pool, then SHOW UP WEDNESDAY.

MPR. 10:30-2. WEDNESDAY DEC 6.