Emily Miller

Director of Health & Wellness

Emily is a chocolate-loving 4th year student whose academic interests are largely related to human health. Her studies have included biochemistry, chemistry, psychology, neurobiology, human anatomy and physiology, and nutrition. Her Question, “How can the body enable a healthy mind?”, aims to explore prevention methods and treatments for mental illnesses; specifically, her Question focuses on the relationship between physical and mental health.

Emily is an ex-Quest women’s soccer player and current Certified Personal Trainer. Through her years at Quest, she has shown immense resilience, dedication and determination. In her first year at Quest, Emily tore her ACL and underwent three surgeries after her knee joint got infected, she has been hospitalized for mental illness and, in the fall of 2018, she was in a near-fatal car accident that resulted in a fracture at the base of her skull and a severe concussion. These experiences, amongst others, have allowed Emily to better empathize with those struggling with either their physical and/or mental health. Her experiences, along with her interests, drive this woman’s passion for helping people reach their goals around their health and well-being—whether that be physical, mental, emotional or social goals. Emily’s ultimate aspiration is to attend medical school.

Emily is excited to be your Minister of Health and Wellness for the 2019-2020 academic year. She is keen to revive women’s hours at the RecPlex, to personally offer both beginner and intermediate level workout classes, and create more spaces that promote positive mental health. Emily is also hoping to work with the Minister of Recreation, the Lumen Room, Quest counsellors and others to both provide services for Questies and to ensure they are aware of the health-related resources at their disposal. Finally, Emily acknowledges that her views of health are not the only ones that exist, and she is eager to advocate and support everyone and anyone moving towards their health and wellness goals.

Emily uses she/her pronouns.