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Here are some events that we see happen at Quest. Take a look to see what there is to get excited about, or what you could get involved with! 

Please note: by showcasing an event on this page, we are not guarenteeing QUSA funding. This will always be up the a decison by the QUSA Board, which changes every year.



Image of a group of students outside of the library building playing the game Twister and having fun.

©️Josie Bauman Photography 2019

Hullabaloo is an QUSA-funded & organized event. It occurs on the first week or weekend when students return on campus in September. It’s primary goal is to serve as a mixer to introduce our incoming students as well as our incoming QUSA. Historically, Hullabaloo was an event that had live music & games which was all located on the upper campus lawn.

The Drag Show

drag show

Photo by  Gabe Greenberg

The drag show is an annual event that takes place over two nights. This event is aimed at exposing Quest to drag culture: educating the audience while putting together a fabulous show full of gender bending and gender expressive performances. The money raised from this event is donated to community centres in Squamish aimed at supporting LGBTQ+ youth. To get involved or more information email


Visionaries' Gathering

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Visionaries; Gathering, an Interactive Convergence' is a full-day journey that aims to take the participant to the realms of self-discovery in which “home” becomes an ever evolving weaving of connections, intentions, feelings, thoughts, words and actions all rooted in the heart. 

Sustainability Summit

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The Sustainability Summit is an annual evening event put on by the Student Environmental Committee (SEC). The goal of this event is to facilitate a space to bring the Sea to Sky Corridor, Squamish, and the Quest communities together to discuss environmental concerns in our local area.



naked rect

Naked is a performance and art show that aims to raise awareness about gendered violence against womyn and womyn aligned folk while also exploring what it means to be feminine. It is entirely and lovingly created by the people in the show and occurs in March. Get involved by attending an info session or contacting an organizer.

Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival

Best of Feat, VIMFF

The mission of Quest Outdoor Pursuits is to make the outdoors accessible to all Quest students by meeting them where they're at. Sometimes this can take the form of trips and workshops or simply providing the opportunity to view adventure films. By hosting the Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival’s Best of Fest tour, the OP strives to awe and inspire students and the Squamish Community with a range of outdoor and adventure films.





TEDxQuestU celebrates diversity of thought, interdisciplinary fields, and new ideas. Both the Quest and Squamish communities get to hear new voices as our speakers share their passions and innovative thinking. TEDxQuestU is organized by students in partnership with the global TED organization.


Screen Shot 2019-07-07 at 8.00.29 PM

Our_Futures is an interdisciplinary undergraduate academic conference hosted at Quest University Canada. The aim of Our_Futures is to promote and increase the accessibility of interdisciplinary undergraduate research. Every year, we invite undergraduate students to contribute to a conversation about a set of topics that are shaping our time and that will likely be among key topics for the future. To get involved, email or visit their website.


Power, Race, & Priveledge Symposium


©️Josie Bauman Photography 2019

The Power, Race, and Privilege Symposium is an annual event created and organised by students at Quest University Canada. The symposium aims to foster critical awareness and dialogue about the ways that institutional, internalised, and systemic racism intersect with other oppressions and create experiences of marginalisation, privilege, and resistance. By putting Quest faculty and students in conversation with other respected scholars and activists, we hope to deepen our understanding of the ways that power and marginalisation function both on our campus and beyond. Want to get involved? We'd love to have you.


Queer Prom

Screen Shot 2019-07-08 at 12.42.55 PM

Lumen Room Coordinator Charlotte (left) and Rivka (right), Queer Prom 2018 

“Queer Prom” is now an annual event that started in 2018, hosted by the Lumen Room staff and volunteers and funded by QUSA. Made to honor our LGBTQIA+ community and create a safe and fun environment to socialize, dance, take cute photos and do normal cheesy prom things. Considering regular prom can be pretty cis-heteronormative, we want to offer students a chance to reclaim and celebrate “prom” their way!




©️Josie Bauman Photography 2019

Cabaret is the largest annual show consisting of original student art on campus. It incorporates a variety of performance and visual art forms around a central theme. Cabaret 2019 is Quest’s 9th Cabaret, and serves as a legacy event, an end-of-year showcase, a space for community to come together to show support for the student art collective, and a key event during Quest University’s Admit Weekend. Get involved by contacting Yin Xzi Ho, Chloe Lee Rowlands, or Maud Van Baar.


Dancing Bear


Photo by Jaimie Szarko

The Dancing Bear Arts & Music Festival is a celebration of the Squamish and Quest University Canada communities. It is intended as a safe and festive all-ages event that will bring students, friends, and the community together in a celebration of a year completed, and a summer soon to start.





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