Izzy Holmes

Director of Social & Environmental Justice

Growing up in the forests of northern New Hampshire, Izzy has always had a passion for the natural systems that surround her. She believes that all living beings deserve a voice to advocate for their best interests. In an effort to help support the health of the environment, Izzy is focusing her studies on sustainable natural “resource management” and conservation ecology recognizing both traditional and western sciences. 
Included in her studies, Izzy recognizes that environmental justice is unachievable without social justice. As the Director of Environmental and Social Justice, she aims to advocate for the health of our entire community. She aims to foster an inclusive relationship with the student body, by attending all Student Environmental Committee meetings and representing the student body in any appropriate executive form. She hopes to support green initiatives that represent the interests of the student body. This will all be in an effort to engage the student body, faculty, and the administration on environmental decisions that affect us all.
 Izzy uses she/her pronouns.