Quest University Students’ Association (hereafter referred to as “QUSA”) is a non-profit society incorporated under the BC societies act and governed by an elected Board of Directors. QUSA is governed by a set of legislative documents including bylaws, a constitution, policies, procedures, and roles and responsibilities. QUSA works collectively with members of the Student Association, Administrators, Staff, and Faculty, as well as regional stakeholders to improve the quality of student life at Quest University Canada (hereafter referred to as “Quest”).

QUSA acts as a political voice to positively shape the greater Quest community. It does so according to the values, interests, and concerns of the Student Association, and of all groups of students, especially those marginalized by structures of power. As such, QUSA is committed to political, social, and environmental justice. QUSA advocates for students’ rights and the betterment of Quest. 

QUSA aims to improve the vibrant Quest community. Through this, we improve the quality of student life on campus through funding services, initiatives, events, and committee grants. 

QUSA holds itself to a set of values that act as a guide to our governing behaviour.

  • Accountability & Transparency: We aim to achieve transparency and accountability through public meetings, forums, and accessible communication.
  • Inclusivity: We aim to celebrate and support diversity in all its forms. 
  • Teamwork: We aim to strive for professionalism, respect and trust in our organization and beyond. 
  • Integrity: We aim to always act honestly and assume responsibility for our decisions and actions. 
  • Adaptability: We aim to adapt to the needs of students and the needs of the organization in a responsible and creative way. 
  • Advocacy: We aim to hear and advocate for issues of social, economic, education and environmental responsibility and apply these teachings to all the decisions and actions we make. 
  • Accessibility: QUSA’s goal is to foster an inclusive and equitable environment at Quest. We aim to provide accessible services and events, to make our meeting minutes and webpages as accessible as possible, and to provide advocacy regarding accessibility.