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The Quest Fibre Arts Club (QFAC), established in 2013 as the Knitting Club, aims to provide students with the information, resources, and community they need to achieve their creative goals. We have a variety of materials that students can use and borrow, we host events and workshops, and we help connect Quest community members over common interests and goals. Join the facebook group to stay in the loop and connect with students and alumni! Follow us on instagram here!

In addition to being a provider of information and material resources, QFAC has strong environmental and social values.

We believe that working with your hands, being creative, or learning a new skill are extremely valuable to one's wellbeing--and doing those things together is key to a "tight-knit" community. We also want to bridge the gap between Quest and other Squamish groups. This is why we regularly join elders at the Shannon Falls Retirement Home for a knitting night, and it why we are working to invite Squamish locals to campus to for QFAC programming in the future. QFAC aims to encourage sustainable practices by promoting "slow-fashion", and giving people the skills they need to repair and make their own clothes.



See the calendar below for upcoming events! Basically, it goes like this:

Week 1 & 3 - Workshops, Week 2 - Visiting the retirement home, Week 4 - Open Hours at the Arts Bay

Do workshops cost money? Well, yes and no. For consumable materials (aka, things that we won't get back), we ask for a donation to cover the cost if you are able. If you cannot afford a donation but you still want to participate, then no worries!

This semester we have 2 workshop series. They are designed so that you can go to all of the events in a series and they build on eachother, or just one. Workshop Series 1, (Sept 17 - Oct 15th), Let's Knit Socks - First, learn the basics of knitting! Then come back for the second workshop to learn more techniques of knitting and how to read a pattern. Keep practicing on your own or during open hours so that you are ready to start your own pair of socks during workshop #3.

Workshop Series 2, (Oct 29th - Nov 26th), Your Own Sewn, Dyed, & Patterned Fashion! Workshop #1 is basics of sewing and using a sewing machine. We will be making bandanas from upcylced fabric. Workshop #2 is a natural dying workshop--bring something to dye! Workshop #3 is a block printing workshop. You'll make your own stamp and print it on any fabric you like--maybe on the bandana you sew and dyed?


Do you have ideas of what you want to see? Do you want to help lead activities? Get in touch!

QFAC is looking for volunteers to help keep the club running! There is a variety of work available, time commitment as big or small as you like. Get in touch through instagram, email, or talk to Grace Hovem.









We are always happy to hear from you! Get in touch directly with our Communication Officers or reach out at qusa@questu.caYou can also send us a letter at 3200 University Blvd, Squamish, BC V8B 0N8, CanadaMake sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram


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