Student Arts Grant


The Student Arts Grant allocates funding to students seeking to create an art piece that would benefit the community. Examples include sculptures, exhibitions, and concerts, but applications can include any medium or permanency. 

  • Grants are up to $300 dollars; however, if you feel as though your proposal has a strong reason for more please include a brief paragraph with your reasoning.
  • A complete application will receive detailed feedback from the SAG Committee within one week.
  • Upon receiving a response from the Committee, the applicant has 48 hours to reply addressing the appropriate questions, concerns, or setting up an interview (if applicable).  
  • Applications must be submitted four weeks prior to the date the funding is needed. Applicants will receive a response within one week of submission.
Evaluation Critera
  •  Relevance and value to the student body
  • Efficacy of money spent
  • Your competency & depth of thought
  • Your commitment to project