Students can no longer use the Quest vehicles for initiatives outside of 'Quest Business'. For now, organize carpools and the SRC can reimburse gas money!


Quest vehicles are only insured for 'Quest "business' (i.e. curricular/co-curricular activities, initiatives by Quest staff/faculty, or initiatives that use Quest equipment).

Therefore student initiatives are NOT insured.

For liability's sake, students are no longer allowed to use shuttles unless their initiatives are in accordance with 'Quest business'.

The SRC still wants to support off-campus initiatives in light of this unfortunate limitation. Here's our short-term solutions:

1. Any off-campus student initiative can organize carpools and the SRC can reimburse drivers for gas.

2. Off-campus initiatives can hire commercial shuttles (who have their own insurance.

In the long term, the SRC hopes to purchase/rent our own vehicles once we are incorporated and have our own insurance.

Please comment/email us your questions!!!!