Tamara Deliveyne

Director of Arts

Tamara is an aspiring audio engineer and lighting technician with a passion for communicating knowledge to those who are interested. This year she is dedicated to creating precedent with documentation, training workshops, and structured proposals to promote an environment where QUSA works for you.

As Director of Arts it is my duty to encourage and support any artistic spaces and events on campus and to this end I intend on reforming the structure of spaces such as the recording studio and arts bay so that the transfer of knowledge from one year to the next is made smoother. I also intend on running seminars specifically around the intricacies of running events at Quest using the lighting and sound gear we have and catered to all varieties of expertise in the matter.

There is much more that I wish to accomplish this year and if you would like to discuss any of it or have suggestions or questions of your own please feel free to contact me through any of the means below:

Tamara Deliveyne – Facebook Messenger
604 848-5160 – Cellphone (call or text) – Email
tamara#9922 – Discord

Or feel free to find me on campus!